Thirech Som

My name is Thirech Som and during my studies, at the Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) I have delved into a wide arrange of different mediums such as animation, UI/UX, 3D and video editing. I now specialise in Post-Production Video editing combing all the knowledge from my studies to produce unique and thought-provoking works.

Social Media

Spring To Life

Spring to life is an immersive otherworldly experience that transports the audience through abstract depictions of urban and natural landscapes. Utilising the limitations of physical space, the project will transform a room sonically and visually, creating an experience that challenges the audience to consider humanity’s current relationship with nature, and the outcomes both need to flourish.


Cathy Hoang: 2D Assets Alice Edrial-Muntz: 2D Assets Shaun Tan: 3D Assets & Flower Simulation Ben Willis: Sound Design & 3D Environment Jollene Ng: Animation Thirech Som: After Effects/Premiere Post Production & Colour Correction