Hi, my name is Siyi. The Digital Media prgram provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn about a wide range of digital media sectors and to develop abilities in a variety of software and design thinking techniques. I focused my studies on UI/UX Design and developed my interest in mixed reality, in an effort to start my career in the field of UI/UX design.



In response to the Future Work design challenge, the project, SISTS, looked at the gender inequality in the STEM field and provided a digital experience for young women interested in STEM to bring them together to a greater extent community with mutual help. This project is a practical outcome of the field of experience design. The practice field includes industry case studies and data analysis of women’s career situations in the STEM field. Instead of providing homogeneous skill training programs, our project aimed to collaborate with existing tutoring programs like Grils Who Code and Google WTM to deliver integrated industry events information and user-centred interview sharing segments.