Melody Zhou

My name is Melody Zhou, I’m a third year (final year student) studying at RMIT majoring in UX and UI Design under the degree of Digital Design. My skills are mainly based predominately in Adobe XD as well as the usage of Adobe Illustrator to create logos and imagery for potential clients. I’m currently in the process of teaching myself how to use Figma and Useberry which are current trending platforms for UX and UI designers to utilise. My email is a way for me to communicate with my clients and for my clients to communicate with me in a professional manner. My social media links are varying and range from Facebook to Instagram, to my Linkedin which gives employers a professional image of myself as well as all my extensive retail and hospitality experience which serves as societal experience which can be beneficial for my communication and interpersonal skills when I start up in the design industry. This also allow for clients to get a better understanding of who I am on a personal level and whether or not the way I conduct myself online is reflective of my personality, values and conduct in a professional setting. I have also won an award for a UX and UI design project in the year 2021 with my group assignment partner Christopher Yu- a project in which we redesigned the current education interface utilised by many RMIT students: Canvas.

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