I’m Lu Yihang, a UI designer, creating UI designs that clients want, can help create better UI designs. I have rich experience in UI design and experience in many UI design projects, from environmental protection software to interactive devices, I have participated in the design and production. I work with partners all over the world, and I’ve used the latest collaboration technologies to ensure teams are productive.


Information Entropy

My inspiration comes from the collision of information on the Internet. On the Internet, information is cluttered, but search engines and social software can regularly categorize cluttered information, and these classifications piqued my curiosity. According to my continuous exploration, I found that it is the same as the entropy of the universe. The larger

the entropy value, the more confusing the information. The smaller the entropy value, the more regular the information. Nowadays, a large amount of information is spread in social networks every day, but the information itself has no high value, such as some remarks, which are contradictory after reading. Such a result will cause very huge information interference, making it difficult for readers to grasp the accuracy of the information. So the media will use some rules to reduce everyone’s entropy. My work explains information entropy in a simpler way. Let ordinary people understand how social media works through games.