Hey, my name’s Kay. Studying Digital Media gave me the opportunity to learn and create different forms of media and I enjoyed the experience I have received. I made great friends in my journey and I think I’m one step closer to finding what I really want to do. I specialise in visual design, 3D modelling and audio-visual composition. As for my future, I am super keen on challenging and strengthening my game development skills as well as UI/UX design abilities. I hope to work in a gaming company someday. I’ll be facing each challenge and obstacle head on from now on!

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Sakura Logo Design

Whether it’s tracing, sketching or graphic design, one of my favourite things to do is to draw.┬áThis is my most recent graphic design project, where I created a logo from scratch based on my own personal interests and personality. I chose to create a logo based on the Sakura flower. The project concentrated on the personal use of colours, character, and representation.