Enshan Hooi

Hiya, my name is Enshan, I’ve had a great time during this degree learning and developing skills in such a variety of mediums with particular interest in AR, 3D and web design. Which in turn will hopefully lead a future career as either a generalist digital designer or a specialist in the field of mixed reality.

Social Media

Cruise By Nightfall

This project explored the design of a 3D virtual environment and presented as a digital diorama. It aimed to introduce and build on skills in 3D modelling, UV unwrapping and mapping, texturing, materials, animation and lighting. The brief was to design a 3D diorama based around an object which held a social, cultural or personal significance and textured to a specific art style.The project features a model of a 2000 BMW e46 3 series driving along a coastline at dusk. This was inspired by experiences of ‘cruising’ around South East Queensland with friends, exploring new places. The art style for this diorama was inspired by an anime tv show Great Pretender (2020) and was chosen to invoke the sense of play, fun and relaxation that matched the experience it is based on.