Hi, how are ya! My name is Deyan, and I am a graphic designer and illustrator who streams art and gaming on twitch. This is my portfolio page, it’s here to show you some of my work and the thought processes behind them. I’m an RMIT student studying digital media design, with a history studying in graphic design from Victoria University. I enjoy challenging myself by trying out new art styles. I am a digital designer Who has taken an interest in minimalist graphic design, creating graphics for T-shirts and phone backgrounds. I also enjoy teaching myself 3D architectural design and sculpting.

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The Pathway Handbook

This app was designed to assist young students in their journey to find future-focused career opportunities while also providing them with the necessary soft skills to help them work in those environments. It did this via the utilisation of a short quiz which would then suggest articles written by alumni and professionals alike, in order to inspire newcomers to look into emerging fields.