David Dawson

Hello, this is David. I did a diploma, then I did the bachelor you’re looking at today. I mainly focused on video stuff. I learned a lot from this degree, it was really fun, and tiring, but let’s focus on the fun. Also you have a stain on your shirt.


On That Side of the Internet

Paraphs my favorite piece, on that side of the internet is a look at radicisation and how it happens within the digital age. There were two major influences that led me to make this video, one was “the pewdiepipe line” which explores how someone can go from the biggest individual creator on youtube, the largely inoffensive and left-leaning ‘pewdiepie'(felix kjelburg) into alt right racist forum groups which which all users actively participate in an echo chamber discussion. the other influence was the alt-right side of film YouTube in which all the discussion ultimately boils down to “anyone who is not a white male being in a movie makes it woke.” Watching the short, i think these two influences are certainly noticeable, perphs one more than the other.