Abigail Gu

Hi, I’m Abigail Gu. During my studies in the Digital Media program, I enjoyed being able to get involved in a wide scope of fields within digital media and gain skills in various software and design thinking processes. My research direction is 3D modeling, interaction design and experimental animation, and I hope to find a career in user experience design or digital animation design.

Social Media


Sickness is bound up with man from the day he was born. Young disease such as smallpox measles, middle-aged disease such as gastric ulcer tuberculosis, old disease such as hypertension heart disease, perhaps someone said, since advances, new drugs sunrise, as long as the money, why worry about treating bad disease? In fact, effective drugs emerge in endlessly, of course, new diseases are also seen day by day, such as polio, cancer, in recent years increasing with each passing day. Furthermore, medicine can cure physical ailments, but nothing can cure mental illness such as neurasthenia, schizophrenia, dreaminess and manic depression, caused by anxiety and anxiety caused by intense social competition.

In the past, when the four false partners were ill, they would have to lie on the sickbed and suffer from the pain. For a short time, they would feel better. But if they were haunted by illness for years and kept company with medicine, how could they be described in words?